KP CORONA UPDATE - 22.11.2021

KP Group:
We implement necessary measures to prevent infection, as well as spreading of such.
We are observing and implementing guidelines from authorities in respective countries of our operations.
We are now open for customer and supplier visits, but only based on prior appointments.

Spjald, Denmark:
Due to the sharp increase in COVID infections in Denmark, the Government has decided to reintroduce the Corona Passport in certain situations.

To avoid major outbreak of infection at KP, we have decided to introduce a requirement for a valid Corona Pass for all visitors to KPK (Denmark). This requirement will apply from and including Friday, November 12 and until further notice.

At check-in on the iPad at the reception, all visitors will be required to confirm that they have a valid Corona Pass.

The rising infection pressure in Denmark emphasizes that Corona is far from over, and we still have to disinfect our hands and observe social distancing. In generally take care of ourselves in everyday life.

This information can also be found at our web page via the COVID banner on the front page. We will update the information on our web page as/if the situation will develop further. Please keep yourself updated.

Please share this e-mail within your company if we have not sent this e-mail to all relevant people.

Thank you for your support. 


Uddevalla, Sweden:
No measures implemented at the moment.

Easley, SC, USA:
No measures implemented at the moment.

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