Large scale production

Our experience as a turnkey supplier includes various types of surface treatment, tooth gearing, gear cutting, grinding, polishing, welding, thermal deburring, etc.

We also offer a number of part assembly jobs, so our products can be delivered directly to the customer´s assembly line.

We are often involved as a sparring partner in the product development phase, in order to ensure the best possible result with regards to production costs and expenses.

KP has invested heavily in large-scale production. A very high degree of automation improves cost competitiveness.

We handle large-scale production with our turning machines, CNC machining centres and in cells consisting of both turning machines and CNC machining centres. We run series ranging from a few hundred up to one million parts per year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a non-binding estimate for large-scale production in Denmark or USA versus Asia.

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