In addition to our quality systems, employees at KP act and perform their duties according to some internal guidelines and priorities:

All work shall be carried out in a way that avoids any risk of accidents to the staff, machines or tools.

The quality of the product and the related documentation must comply with the requested specifications.

Customer Service
- All inquiries from customers are answered immediately.

In-house Routines
- When handing over production to a colleague, one should first have finalized all one’s own work. Furthermore, one should hand over all relevant information, enabling the colleague to perform his/her work.

- Final produced parts should not be delivered to the customer unless they meet all specifications.

- At KP we don’t look for who is responsible. Instead we look for the source of error and eliminate it.

- We prevent ongoing sources of error.

- If one is in doubt then he/she should rather ask a more experienced colleague - rather one time too many than one too little.

- Helpfulness among colleagues.




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