Market Leader in complex automated processing
and contractor work

Over the past 15 years, KP has specialized in the fully automated machining of complex parts. In parallel, we have invested heavily in new technologies and processes, which means that today we can supply components directly to our customer's assembly line through our One-stop concept

In 2012, we strengthened the concept so we can serve our customers with a corresponding line of production in the United States. 

We manufacture components for all types of low- and high alloy steel and metal castings. In addition to the machining of complex components we maintain continued strong know-how in traditional manufacturing and through our comprehensive range of machines, have a large production capability. 

We are a recognized supplier to well-known companies in Denmark as well as abroad. We supply machining operations to for example the hydraulic-, wind turbine-, processing- marine- and offshore industries and various foundries, as well as to customers with special assignments, based on continuous product and process development.

KP has a large capacity of CNC machines with robot and automation equipment for large-scale production. However, we also work in small series and single item production. Our machinery and our organisation are well adapted to meet these wide-ranging demands.

Today we have a solid network of co-operating partners specializing in surface treatment, hardening, polishing, toothing, gear cutting etc.  Internally KP also is able to offer many special processes, such as thermal and high pressure blast deburring, honing , ultrasonic cleaning and high-precision cylindrical grinding - these processes are aimed specifically at the hydraulic industry.

Our customers appreciate our capabilities as a turnkey supplier from product development and prototyping to series production, even when there is a demand for a variety of additional processes and strict tolerances.



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KP is specialised in fully automated
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