KP’s vision:

KP shall be the leading European-based supplier of machined parts.


KP’s values:

We want to be a flexible partner for our clients. The components we produce are always produced in close cooperation with our clients according to their demands and specifications. With continued focus on flexibility we want to increase customer satisfaction and build a long-lasting customer relationship.

All parts produced by KP are of the highest quality, which is constantly monitored and documented. We set high standards for our suppliers, ourselves and our working methods. Any faults that do occur are analysed in detail, in order to learn from these faults. In their daily work our employees use our internal guidelines for maintaining high quality.

Technological lead
To enable a cost-effective production and a competitive price for our customers, we use CNC machines and production lines of the latest generation and the highest level of automation In addition, we create an attractive and challenging working environment for our staff.

A ‘spacious’ place to work at
Employees at KP act independently, take responsibility and work individually within given bounds. We have respect for each other and for employees of different cultures at our company. Our employees are encouraged to make suggestions on improvements to the processes, in order to keep them involved and concerned with the goals of the company.

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KP Komponenter A/S
Birkevej 2
DK-6971 Spjald
Phone: +45 97 38 16 11

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KP is specialised in fully automated
processing of complex components